Dance Teacher – Moves & Grooves

Britney Taylor

POSITION: Dance Teacher
REPORTS TO: Program Director
STATUS: Non-Exempt
PAY: $12.00-$15.00 dollars per hour.

The Dance Teacher will work with and observes students to determine physical and artistic qualifications and limitations and plans programs to meet students’ dance and artistic needs and aspirations.

The Dance Teacher reports to the Programs Director of Moves and Grooves.

Under the direction of the Program Director, the Dance Teacher will:
• Explains and demonstrates techniques and methods of regulating movements of body to musical or rhythmic accompaniment.
• Drills pupils in execution of dance steps.
• Teach theory and practice of dance notation.
• Choreograph and direct dance performance for Fall/Spring Recital.
• Must be trained and confident to teach petite allegro ballet or similar ballet style.
• Select and plan class content, which may include stretching, improvisation, dance techniques, strength exercises or combinations. (Classes may include a warmup period)
• Select all music and choreography of dance combinations. (Music must be approved by director)
• Determine class skill and age levels with later adjustments as necessary.
• Choose a theme and music for a recital and choreograph all dance pieces.
• Select costumes with parent participation.
• Design a recital program.
• Solicit volunteers to assist with rehearsals and performance.
• Attend periodic staff meetings.

• 2-5 Years working with children*
• At least 2 years’ experience in dance
• Competitive Dance & Choreography Experience a plus
• Must be extremely well organized and have leadership qualities.
• Can work well under tight deadlines and in stressful environments.
• Must be able to change directions quickly and with ease.
• Must be a positive and forward-thinking person; high energy; dedicated; and have a passion for children.

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