Youth Mentor – A.Y.E.S. (Aspiring Youth Enrichment Services)

LaDonna Harris

The Youth Mentor is responsible for the daily supervision of program participants in grades 5- 8. He/She is responsible for assisting in the planning, development, and implementation of program activities in the after-school program. The Youth Mentor guides the academic and social development of children, ensuring a safe, enriching, and healthy learning environment. The Youth Mentor uses a variety of resources, provided by the Site Director/Program Coordinator to introduce new skills throughout the execution of activities.
Youth Mentors are required to participate in ongoing professional development and planning sessions with the Site Director/Program Coordinator on a scheduled basis. The schedule includes the program hours of 3:55 PM – 6:00 PM, Monday – Thursday along with weekly site meetings, monthly field trips or special activities on Friday afternoons, monthly staff meetings, and other intermittent special events. The Youth Mentor is responsible for the organization/implementation and daily operations of the program when leadership staff is absent.

Job Responsibilities
• Provide mentoring and support to individuals participating in the program
• Represent AYES at events, panels, and meetings
• Lead on the development, implementation, and running of issue-based targeted programs and activities, that are of high quality and centered around the needs of the participant
• Support young people to reduce risk factors relating to anti-social and offending behavior and school participation
• Establish and maintain effective professional relationships with young people and their families encouraging them to participate, engage, have fun and achieve
• Promote the service through a variety of means and resources to individuals, communities and professionals within AYES
• To monitor, review and evaluate the effectiveness of the program, update where appropriate and provide detailed and accurate, written and verbal, monitoring and reporting
• To liaise and network with a wide range of professionals working with young people across AYES, developing and maintaining effective partnerships and working agreements
• To complete all necessary paperwork with young people, including introduction, assessment, planning and review, monitoring key outcomes in line with AYES and NAZA
• To participate and learn from training, supervision and other opportunities to enhance personal and professional development
• To attend and participate in supervision in accordance with AYES policy
• To proactively maintain professional knowledge regarding trends, policies and legislation in relation to working with children and young people
• To be a positive role model at all times, maintaining a professional appearance and acting at all times to maintain the good reputation of AYES

Essential Functions
• Comply with all monitoring and evaluation systems, collect, and monitor information as appropriate and provide reports when required and actively contribute to the Partnership achieving successful outcomes for service users
• Maintain accurate, up to date records and work in accordance with organizational guidelines and procedures
• To comply with all aspects of our Code of Conduct and adhere at all times to national/local and AYES Safeguarding policies
• To reduce substance-related harm to the individual and the wider community
• Provide information in accordance to the confidentiality policy to the team involved with individuals to ensure a holistic approach
• Actively participate in supervision and be willing to personally reflect on interpersonal dynamics within the therapeutic relationship and provide evidence of achieving performance targets alongside other supervision requirements as detailed in YPQA.
• To report all problems and incidents to the Executive Director at the earliest opportunity.
• Uphold data protection legislation, formally agreed information sharing protocols, and service user confidentiality agreements.
• Provide a full range of services in an outreach and in-reach capacity including satellite offices and partnership with others.
• Undertake any other such duties as required within the program.

Qualifications Requirements
Education: Minimum of a high school degree and less than 1 year working with children

• Must be at least 18 years of age
• Posses at least 1 year of experience in childcare
• Must have experience working with children
• Must have strong communication, organization, and detail skills
• Must have the ability to relate to children, parents, branch staff members and volunteers
• Must pass CPR/First Aid Certification
• Must complete AYES and NAZA required training
• Must follow directions, have strong leadership skills, be self-motivated, and possess knowledge of group work principles and processes