COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for In-Person Programming

We recommend that anyone looking to connect with NAZA partners via afterschool programming, Opportunity NOW, and/or Youth In Action! review the safety guidelines below for NAZA-funded partners.

Partners offering in-person or hybrid programs:

  • Should check Covid-19 health updates from Metro at and use the contact on that site to ask specific questions. In addition, partners should consult the CDC’s group gathering guidelines and ensure that the requirements of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, mask wearing, availability of adequate supplies, cleaning and disinfection about virus prevention are in place per CDC guidance ( before they design and start implementing in-person or hybrid programs. While partners are operating their programs, they have to regularly check both websites weekly for additional updated guidance. If partners need additional assistance, they should let NAZA ‘s Operations Director know.
  • Must ensure that their staff have been trained on how to safely operate in-person programming during COVID-19 before the start of their in-person or hybrid programming. Partners who have not been trained on safely operating in-person programs must complete the training offered through NAZA’s partner, YMCA.
  • Must include proof of available space and drop-off/pick up options.

In-person programming must adhere to the maximum group size requirements established by the Metro Public Health Department that are in effect at the time of programming.