Nashville’s Vision for Holistic Youth Development

Nashville’s Vision for Holistic Youth Development guides us towards the best possible future by prioritizing essential individual and community growth practices that children and youth need to thrive in their learning ecosystem. The Vision was developed over the course of two years in partnership with over 200 stakeholders in a process that was co-led by NAZA and Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College. Collaborating partners included Nashville Public Library, the Mayor’s Youth Council, Youth In Action!, and community stakeholders from 25+ organizations. Stakeholder groups included youth, caregivers, youth development professionals, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Alignment Nashville, and business and government leaders. To date, the Vision has been presented to the Nashville Public Library and Library Foundation boards, Alignment Nashville’s board and operating board, the Tennessee Afterschool Network, NAZA partners, Opportunity NOW, The Museum Advocates, and NAZA's youth development trainers.
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