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As we close 2019-2020, an unprecedented school year, the NAZA team stands with youth, families, partner organizations, and the larger Nashville community. We remain committed to investing in our community by funding learning opportunities, whether in-person or virtual; building organizational capacity in partnership with youth and youth development professionals; and leveraging citywide partnerships to streamline resources and ensure the best outcomes.

NAZA Brochure

NAZA Promotional Brochure

Youth Asset Survey

  • To support continuous quality improvement, NAZA collects feedback annually from youth in NAZA-funded afterschool programs using the Youth Asset Survey. The survey asks youth to consider how their afterschool program has influenced growth in their social-emotional skills and competencies. This chart summarizes youth responses in four key areas.

Findings from Vanderbilt evaluation

Data findings

  • NAZA students showed better growth in school attendance relative to comparison students

  • NAZA students showed better growth on a school discipline outcome relative to comparison students

  • Students who participated in NAZA longer experienced better growth in TCAP scores and school attendance; demonstrated greater decreases in truancy offenses over time; and showed higher PLAN percentile scores.

Parents’ perspective

  • Caregivers were generally pleased with afterschool programs and value NAZA programs as free, offering a safe place for their children, promoting youth academics, and offering healthy food and enhancement activities

  • Caregivers attributed positive academic, social and emotional, behavioral, and physical outcomes to the afterschool programs

  • Parents generally had very positive interactions with program staff