Youth in Action!

Youth In Action! (YIA) is a network of young people taking action on the issues that they care about.


To elevate youth voices within our community by creating a network of young people across Nashville who work collaboratively with adults and peers on ideas and implement them on a city-wide scale.



YIA is building this network for youth as a supported platform for students to voice opinions and ideas for change. We teach youth about advocacy and civic engagement, highlighting how they can become more involved in their already-existing passions.

High schoolers in YIA collaborate with NAZA-Funded Partners on elevating youth voice within programming and beyond. This includes educating youth on advocacy, aiding them in creating and implementing their community-based projects, and reflecting on youth involvement in the community. These connections aim to shape the mindsets of youth and adults alike through conversation and additional partnerships with community stakeholders.

Youth leaders have also met with elected officials, school leadership, and presented at national conferences about what youth are looking for in their schools and out-of-school time programs, how to amplify youth voices, and the importance of involving youth in decision-making.