Gra-Mar Middle

Music for LIFE and Tools of Competitive Athletics (TOCA) and Wellness in Nutrition (WIN) (From the Heart International Educational Foundation)

Students who enroll in Music for LIFE will be engaged in learning various instruments, songwriting, music appreciation, virtual talent shows, recording through Garage Band and basic coding with Sonic Pi. Students enrolled in Tools of Competitive Athletics and Wellness in Nutrition will learn the type of training mind and body that it takes to be a professional. TOCA teaches students to plant the seeds that bear the fruit of champions which will be taught by Superbowl Champion Corey Harris. Wellness in Nutrition will focus on the nutrition needed to maintain a champion mindset taught by Chef Tim. Students will choose either Music of TOCA/WIN and may alternate between the two each semester.

  • Contact:

    Kerry Frasier or Corey Harris,, 615-994-0770

  • Format:

    In Person and Virtual/Online: Monday-Thursday, 4-6pm

  • Transportation:


  • Who can enroll?

    Gra-Mar Middle Students