Aspiring Youth Enrichment Services

  • Location:

    608 Cleveland Street Suite 100, Nashville, TN 37207

  • Contact Name:

    LaDonna Harris

  • Contact Email

  • Instagram:


  • Dates/Times:

    3:55 PM - 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday

  • Times Offered:

    After School

  • Program Focus:

    Social- Emotional Development, Financial Literacy, Mindfulness, STEAM, and Life Skills

  • Program Design:


  • Zip Codes Served:

    37208 and 37209

  • Grade Ranges Served:

    6-8, Other

  • Schools Served:

    H.G. Hill Middle Prep

  • Transportation:

    Transportation from programming to student's home provided

  • Snacks or Meals provided?

    Snack, Hot meal

  • Scholarships Available?

    This is a free program

Apply online to NAZA-Funded AYES programs at H.G. Hill, Jere Baxter, or Pruitt Library.