Bradford Health Services

  • Location:

    1410 Donelson Pike Suite A7, Nashville, TN 37217

  • Contact Name:

    Connie Woods

  • Dates/Times:

    Monday-Thursday 4-7 pm CST

  • Times Offered:

    After School

  • Program Focus:

    Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Program Design:

    In-Person and Virtual

  • Zip Codes Served:

    We are located in 37214, Donelson area but service adolescents throughout the state of TN.

  • Grade Ranges Served:


  • Schools Served:

    All of the MNPS schools are referred to us.

  • Transportation:

    Not provided

  • Snacks or Meals provided?

    Not provided

  • Scholarships Available?

    This is a free program