Fran B., Parent

Rachel Pendragon

The NAZA Program was such a blessing for my daughter and nephew (and of course many other teens). NAZA-funded programs and the adults that work with the teens really empower them for future success. I know that it makes a difference in many families including mine. Thank you so much!


Rachel Pendragon

Many of us don’t have a Bachelor’s degree in youth development. To see a list of everything we should be doing is really helpful.


Rachel Pendragon

It gave me a direction for me personally and how to get my kids involved in our program.


Rachel Pendragon

It opened my eyes to what I did not even know was missing in my program. I feel like I have learned things so I can better connect with my kids.

Galen F., Teacher, John Overton High School


NAZA teaches youth interpersonal skills, appreciation of art, empathy, and understanding of different cultures. It encourages them to follow their dreams, but with solid real world experience to chase down those dreams.

Natalie B., Teacher, Hunters Lane High School


NAZA helps youth understand responsibility and being with people who are different from them.  They get to know each other and to talk about themselves. They develop empathy while learning to collaborate with others. They get to be creative while problem solving.

Brandon S., Near Peer Coach, John Overton High School


NAZA prepares youth for real life through project-based learning. They pick up communication, organization, teamwork and time management skills that may not otherwise be addressed. While some parents teach these skills, the program explicitly outlines them to create an equal opportunity to youth.

Jordan F., Teacher, Glencliff High School


I believe NAZA is important for our youth the help them discover new talents, career choices, and develop a sense of responsibility. NAZA allows youth to make mistakes in a safe atmosphere, allowing room for growth and healthy criticism of their work.

Tocarra C., Site Director, John Overton High School


NAZA keeps youth engaged by allowing them to learn, create, and have fun! Youth learned relationship-building and team building.  They also learned conflict resolution and matured as they started to handle conflict on their own.  The program allowed them to think outside the box. I was so impressed by what they were able to accomplish!


Joshua Love

“Being a single mom, working full time, and by the time I get home and cook dinner, the time is gone, so I’m more at ease because he’s being taught, and they do homework. The staff have been great. They are very enthusiastic and talk to me and make sure I understand what’s happening.”