Graphic Design Consultant – NAZA

Rachel Pendragon


Magazine – Individual Growth Practices

Nashville’s Vision for Holistic Youth Development



The Nashville After Zone Alliance (NAZA) is a partnership of the Nashville Public Library, Metro Nashville Public Schools, the Mayor’s Office, and youth development organizations. NAZA seeks to increase youths’ equitable access to out-of-school opportunities and build youth development organizations’ capacity to offer youth transformative learning experiences outside of the school day.

Nashville’s Vision Holistic Youth Development (“the Vision”) is a framework that guides us to create a community where youth can develop the skills they need to thrive in education, career, and life. The Vision was developed by NAZA in partnership with Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College, Nashville Public Library, Mayor’s Youth Council, Youth In Action!, and over 200 community stakeholders from 25+ organizations.


What We Are Looking For

NAZA is looking to hire a consultant or consultants to engage in a short-term contract to perform the following task:

Design magazines that explain each of the twelve Individual Growth Practices (IGPs) of Nashville’s Vision for Holistic Youth Development, using text provided by NAZA. The content that will be the basis for the magazine can be viewed here.

  • Two versions of the design should be created: one that visually appeals to children & youth, and one that is more appropriate for adults. Within the “adults” layout, there will be two different versions of the text, one for parents/caregivers and one for youth development professionals, which may require minor changes between the versions to account for different text length.
  • Each magazine should consist of a 2-page spread for each of the 12 IGPs, as well as a spread that introduces the Vision, table of contents, and a front and back cover.
  • Text will be provided by NAZA, but the designer may need to make choices to edit the text (with approval from NAZA) to fit the layout. The text for each IGP includes an explanation of its definition, why it’s important, what it looks like in action, and examples of activities that youth/adults can do to help youth develop that skill.
  • Existing graphics from other Vision materials and branding guidelines will be provided. Please see the Vision 3-pager, slideshow, and communications guides for examples of the styling and text.
  • Final products should be provided to NAZA in both PDF and AI file formats.
  • Depending on proposed costs and timeline, this project may also include a final component of the consultant placing translated text from 3 languages (Spanish, Arabic, and Central Kurdish) into the layout for each magazine, using translated text provided by NAZA. Please list this cost separately in your proposal.

The estimated budget for this project is $3,000-$4,000.


Content of Proposals

The proposal should include:

  1. A brief description of your experience in graphic design and print layout.
  2. A total estimated level of effort/number of hours required and proposed timeline.
  3. A project budget that includes unit costs (e.g. hourly pay rate).
  4. A statement identifying individuals who were involved in the preparation of the proposal, project staff, and a single point of contact.
  5. Link(s) to or attachments of a portfolio or examples of past projects that demonstrate the skills needed to complete this project.
  6. The number of revisions included in the budget and cost for additional revisions.
  7. The cost of placing translated text in 3 languages into the completed designs (NAZA to provided translated text).


Proposal Submission

Please submit your proposal to Rachel Pendragon, NAZA Communications & Events Manager at by 11:59pm on April 21, 2024. Questions can be directed to the same email prior to submission.