NAZA-Sponsored Programs

The Nashville AfterZone Alliance (NAZA) is an expanded learning system of high-quality afterschool and summer programs for middle and high school students across Nashville. NAZA is a unique public-private partnership among the Mayor’s Office, Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), and the Nashville Public Library. NAZA has 2 primary goals: 1) to provide increased access for out-of-school programming for middle and high school youth in economically-disadvantaged communities and 2) to create a culture of high-quality programming across providers through professional development and quality assurance. To date, NAZA has provided 7800 students with access to quality out-of-school (OST) programs. NAZAsponsored programs are currently offered to students from 26 middle schools in 45 school-based and community-based sites.

This Is Afterschool 2018 – This short document describes the benefits of after school programs for youth.

Students Learn More with Afterschool STEM – This short document describes the unique benefits of STEM programming in afterschool.

Resources to Promote Belonging and Inclusion – This 8-page document provides a wealth of resources on anti-bullying and tolerance for youth.

The Value of Out-of-School Time Programs provides an overview of the rationale for publicly funding OST programs, outlines a model for linking different categories of OST programs to likely outcomes, and suggests implications and recommendations for policymakers, funders, OST program leaders and researchers. This report, commissioned by The Wallace Foundation, offers key insights for providers, policymakers and funders. Key topics include how we can measure effectiveness of programs, depending on the program’s goals for outcomes; the connection between attendance and student outcomes, and how providers can use this to their advantage; and the role of policymakers and funders in prioritizing funding for programs designed to address outcomes most crucial to the communities they serve.